Peaceful Pup Lavender Calm Spray

Peaceful Pup Lavender Calm Spray

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Have a stessed and anxious doggy?  Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?  Is your dog fearful of thunderstorms and loud noises?  Is your dog afraid of car rides?  Let handcrafted and Reiki charged Peaceful Pup Calm Spray help.

Spray your dog’s bed, the couch, your bed, the  car~all places your dog sleeps with Peaceful Pup Calm Spray.   You can also spray some in your hands and rub it on his ears   The soothing lavender will help to relax your dog and ease his stress and yours!   Feel free to use it for you too!

Contains lavender and citrus essential oil, dried lavender and clear quartz  - 4 oz bottle.


Due to all my products being handmade, your received product may vary slightly from the picture.


Disclaimer:  As all rituals and manifesting work relies on YOU and your intent and focus, I cannot guarantee the outcome.  These items will support you and provide you focus and energy for your manifestation.  

The law requires I state that  I am released from responsibility of any injuries, damages or losses resulting from the use of this product  

Be sure to test that your dog has no adverse reactions before liberally using