Manifest Money Plate

Manifest Money Plate

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Everyone needs to manifest a little extra money.  I know I do.  I have this plate in my home and use it exactly as I describe.  I sing a little money song every time  I pass it or take money off it and always when I place money on it.  It works with your intention and a little majick which never hurts :-)  Handcrafted and reiki charged.  You will receive a beautifully decorated plate, prosperity oil, mojo bag filled with prosperity herbs and crystals, tea light and charm candle  

  • Place money on the plate
  • Anoint the mojo bag with the prosperity oil by placing a few drops on it - refresh the bag with oil as needed
  • Light tea light or charm candle each time you add money to the plate
  • Visualize an abundance of wealth coming to you in every way possible
  • Be sure to spend the money on the plate - very important to send message to the universe that you trust money will continue to flow to you so you can spend it comfortably
  • Replenish money 
  • Never leave the plate empty - there should always be money on it at all times

Due to all my products being handmade, your received product may vary slightly from the picture.

Never leave burning candle unattended 

Disclaimer:  As all rituals and manifesting work relies on YOU and your intent and focus, I cannot guarantee the outcome.  These items will support you and provide you focus and energy for your manifestation.  

Entertainment purposes only (law requires this statement).  I am released from responsibility of any injuries, damages or losses resulting from the use of my products.