My Healing Journey

My first experience with Reiki came in 1996 after the passing of my fiancé.  I spent most days in a grief-filled daze sitting in my friend’s new age shop.  Bernice, came into the store one day and told me she was a Reiki Master and offer to help me.  The first time she layed hands on me I literally felt the heavy, crushing grief lift off my body.  I felt like I could breathe and it gave me a feeling of hope that I would one day feel better and feel joy again.  At that moment, I knew I found my calling and I was home. 

It took me a few years for the Universe to connect me to my Reiki Master.  In 2003, I took Reiki I and subsequently, Reiki II, Karuna Reiki I & II and finally Reiki Mastership in 2007. 

Reiki is imbedded in my DNA.  It is not something I do – it is who I am.

For 23 years, I have incorporated Reiki into all aspects of my life.  I have personally witnessed its powerful healing as it supported me through physical issues such as fibroids and migraines, emotionally through the passing of most all my direct family members and supported me though major life changes--raising my late sister’s two young sons and the ending of my marriage.  Additionally, I have seen how it has helped my dogs through trauma and major illnesses.

I believe everyone can benefit from Reiki.