Here is what Dawn's clients have to say about working with her
Dawn is amazing!!! I have had several hypnosis sessions with her. I must admit, I initially felt some trepidation about being hypnotized. It was important for me to trust and feel safe so that I could bring down my defenses and allow myself to relax. After our first session, I was surprised how easy it was to talk to her and feel comfortable. Dawn exudes a combination of strength and compassion which, helped me to relax, lower my defenses, and be present for the experience. I came away from each session with greater awareness and deeper understanding of my journey, thus far, which, has empowered me to take positive actions today for a fulfilling tomorrow. I look forward to exploring her class offerings.
Sally P
I have been attending Dawn’s group meditation sessions for about three years. Prior to my first meditation session, I had never meditated before, and since my very positive experience with that first session I started to implement it into my daily morning routine.  After each meditation session, Dawn engages the group in a powerful discussion full of insight and positivity. It is impossible to leave her sessions not feeling relaxed, present, and powerful.  Meditation has made a dramatic difference in my life, my mood, mindset, self-awareness, and in the way I show up for myself and others. I am forever grateful to Dawn for her great work, and I cannot recommend her enough!
Stephanie O
As I walked into my first ever Reiki session with Dawn I did not know what to expect initially. Dawn put me at ease and after my first session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off me. Within the 45 minutes Dawn waved her hands over me and across my body, to which my body responded with tingling sensations.  With this session, Dawn has helped me release festering, pent-up frustration, pain, anxiety, and emotional disdain. Dawn is a very caring person who is very passionate about what she does. I highly recommend Dawn’s services. I think people should experience Reiki and feel the benefits of this truly self-healing service!
Ashley A
Dawn is a wonderful guide for meditations and one which I highly recommend.  While in meditation I feel relaxed and with a strong sense of calm.  Not only does it feel great at the time, but just as valuable, she gives us tools to recapture the peaceful and 'stress-less' feelings during meditation.  We have discussions afterwards which further help me to define the good feelings I experience.  All of this helps me to remind of the need to have harmony of mind, body and spirit.  I strongly urge others to work with Dawn with either Reiki, Hypnosis or Meditation since we all have many damaging stressors in our life and we need to learn to work through the emotions and ultimately be healthier and happier.  Dawn has a wonderful soothing energy and talents and is happy to share her gift.
Sue C
After one session with Dawn, I felt a sense of calmness that helped me emotionally and mentally that day.  After six or so sessions, I can attest that I have experienced a positive long-term impact.  My focus has improved, my anxiety has decreased, and my work quality has been enhanced.   These sessions help improve my mental, emotional and physical behavior at home and at work. 
Maria I
Dawn, you have taught me how to fully experience being in the moment.  I now understand what it means to embrace life in the moment.  It’s amazing!   I look forward to our sessions of deeper physical and mental rest.  Thank you for teaching me how to live life mindfully.
Helena F